Social order

Caste system:

Generated by vedic culture as varna/caste in which each work is being divided into different caste majorly in four:

1. Brahmin:highest order which consider as people close to god .and retain the max knowledge of vedic science and rituals

And perform tradition

2.shastriya: warrior or people who fought for Thrones or protect empire. They are below to brahmins but still a high caste and touchable

3. Sudra: (untouchable) low caste they perform inferior or as labour for high caste and work on fields

4. Vaisya: includes a large number of distinct castes of similar ranking, traditionally traders, moneylenders, or farmers.

During vedic it was created for easement of society and each work can be credited to caste and it shoul be run in hereditary manner. So skills can be transferred from generation to generation. But it created many discrimination in coming year’s. Low caste started to be avoided from general gathering and underprivileged.

After vedic during the period of Kingdom they can feel heat of past . And on era of British rule they remain uneducated and low status . During the rule some social reformers of the same society started raising problem and changes required for there status. And afterwards end of British raj a system of reservation implemented to uprise the sc/st . And we having same till now 

From today’s perspective low caste are not in very untouchable and in bad condition(except some rural part) .but politicians keep playing there trump card to collect votes from these part.


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