Constitutional validity

If you ever wandered of anything in government like how stuff works how political party are so angry upon each other why they blame each other.

All the basic things that need to be done is gaining knowledge of our Constitution.

Our government structure why india has different structure of governance in india

There are a lot of reason behind that are being considered by the great mind that drafted Constitution that was suitable at that

Question: should india still rely on old Constitution even working condition is different?

Few points~


2.literacy has grown upward

3.economy boosted market

5.awareness among public

And lot more

Before 2004 we had different situation.

For e.g we changed our policy in 1991 and moved towards private investment and disinvested our p.s.u to grow in economy

We changed our banking nationalization policy


Because our and requirements of time was changed|..

Today’s time is complicated no dictatorship will last for longer period

India Constitution;;;;

1.parliament: to make laws

2:central and state gov.: to implement laws

3:***supreme court: To check constitutional validity

Third one is of most important .. why?

Because only that can prevent dictator and uphold democracy.

If any law breaches basic Constitution it will declare such law void and unconstitutional.

It will stop to be in force

But that’s not all good things happening out there

Supreme court is manipulated by government by selection of judges.

That is done by colligium

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