Migration in India


As of now lahks of people has migrated in different parts of india .reasons could be anything but the question remains migration is good or bad ?

How to deal?

What we achieved?

What are further plans?

We being knowing about a greatest migration that tool place in 1947? Partition of ind vs pak

Many lost lifes during journey. Today’s scenario is little different then back on that time.farmer’s and low wage workers which hit hard if anything goes wrong lesser immune to the system.

Economy and education are two major reasons behind India’s migrate.

According to survey published by ministry of finance.

Major impacted states are u.p and bihar and also they have a larger less educated population and majority of area’s are underdeveloped.

68%area are dry. 70%prone to flood and earthquake. 80%cyclone affected cities along the coastline.(whole india)

Natural disaster is another reason for migration.

Farmer’s during mansoon mostly busy on farm. But after that not any alternative of income search jobs nearby if not available.. unwillingly have to shift to big cities.

Education is another situation like many for higher education has to leave from tier2,3 cities to tier1 or metro cities.

Delhi,mumbai,hyderabad, etc being overpopulated 

Government need to step up and look further and above nrega and all. 

And to look for land bill and prepare a plan how to not impact and possible minimize the damage to rural people or provide them alternative. Rather than just giving absurd compensation.


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