Social networking of stupidity

Having a FB account or whatsapp account is more important nowadays than holding a bank account. If you grown without internet connection welldone you were the last generation to live without stupidity.

Kid’s or so called smart kids? I doubt them

They can unlock smartphone and use some very shitty app’s . By doing so they are now genius of tomorrow i call them fools of tomorrow.

Why so?

Look back when you were young child..there where no processed knowledge. Only raw and truce.

Mind was grown not build.

We were humans with humanity.

Today’s world is cruel with feeded data. 90’s the age when world was learning to progress and guess what? Now they learning how to decisive each other.

Government, corporate, are using network to feed everyone with false information. and creation of artificial environment of logical looking disguised demons. 

Don’t believe things look logical .try to develope yours. You are not obliged to feed your mind with what they want. If you gain knowledge from t.v and social media need to have a cold bath and forget every thing.

Gain a topic knowledge from books author and remain intact.


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