State of india,that india itself forgotten!

We just love the place where our childhood spend. because we are attached to such places. Memories are built there. And our upbringing brought.  But ever you think that you can be attached to other places as well. Maybe?
Loving native places is just inevitable.

Coming to the point. How many of you know & . How much? About forgotten state & by that i mean North East .
Don’t worry at last you would have a gratifying acknowledgement


Brief : In n.e 7 states are included
           (Arunachal pradesh ,Assam,Manipur,Meghalaya,Mizoram,Nagaland &Tripura)
Also share boundary with

As,we know india is full of tradition & culture. Each state in n.e carries distinct culture &traditions. Nort east is also a travellers paradise, with beautiful hills,&green meadows which shelters thousands of different species of flora and fauna, And for adventure loving can enjoy thriving activities like



We didn’t forgot the state, we fooled ourselves by not exploiting natural beauty, birds,animals that didn’t found elsewhere.


Next time don’t be in oblivion
Embrace north east with gratitude
P.s-I am not going through history. Described in very comprehensive manner about it’s discreet beauty & culture.
The knowledge that you must have.
So,next time you won’t treat them like some out of world species.
I hope you won’t.  We are all same☺:)



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